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Try your limits to the edge. The best climbing destination is the one that fascinates you. Discover the most exciting climbing routes, with difficulty levels from beginners to the most professional climbers.

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Destination Kalymnos.

Kalymnos is one of the most famous destinations for climbers in the world. Many characterize this island as "The ultimate vacation spot for climbers". 

The diversity of coasts, steep cliffs and mild climate makes this island an ideal place for climbers. For climbers who have traveled, the Kalymnos rock resembles that of Thai. However, Kalymnos is considered to be the most complete destination for most climbers.

Limestone, climbing in the stalactites, the many caves contributed to the classification of Kalymnos by the magazines Vertical, Klettern, Climbing, Desnivel, as one of the most beautiful "climbers" locations.

There are about 60 fields with athletic climbing routes mainly "one rope", difficulty from 4 to 9, easily accessible by trails. Most ropes of "one rope" range between 20 and 30 meters.

However, there are also "one ropes" that reach 50-60 meters. In order to open the routes on the island, modern materials are used, stainless steel, which is regularly maintained.

The majority of the routes are in the west / northwestern part of the island.

There is also the island of Telendos (or Telendos), where more and more routes are being constructed, with emphasis on "many ropes" of different height.

mousellis rentinkalymnos motoforrent

mousellis rentinkalymnos motoforrent

Kalymnos Climbing Festival.

A climbing festival began on the island 10 years ago: the Kalymnos Rock Climbing Festival. The fourth time it was organized in May 2009, it brought together more than 300 participants from fifteen countries.

In Kalymnos, approximately 100-150 new routes are opened each year by Greek and foreign climbers. At present, the island has more than 2000 organized tours.